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We’re currently working on a new website for ScapaMAP, documenting the remaining wrecks of the German High Seas Fleet scuttled at Scapa Flow at the end of the First World War. The latest additions to the site are 3D files for each of the warships still in the Flow. These are based on the acoustic surveys carried out by the ScapaMAP project.

The 3D models were created in Fledermaus by the project team. This format does not run as a browser plugin, so we can only offer them as downloads, though there is a free player. In an effort to make the survey work more approachable to all visitors, we’ve been looking at creating some simple 3D environments in Flash to compliment these.

One of these is the 3D image of the light cruiser SMS Köln, shown above. This is based on the contour data from the multibeam survey, which is sliced into a series of layers depending upon their relative depths. Each layer moves independently, controlled by your mouse position over the model. Your mouse position acts as a viewpoint for this simple model, which still shows clearly how the hull encloses a mass of salvage debris, where salvors have broken into the engine room, to remove the condensers and other fittings that were made out of copper alloys.

With only a limited range of viewing angles, the model of the Köln, (above) is not nearly as impressive as the Fledermaus 3D model, but at the same time it will run on most people’s browsers without problem…