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Targeted drugs – released!

Still from targeted drug release feature, with apoptin icon inset. We’ve just released the new Nanofolio feature on protein transduction (we spoke about some of the design issues in our last post). We developed four interactive Flash items for this feature. Two look at processes in the cell, and two follow development of the smart polymer agent that gets the protein based drug into the cell.
The interactive components of the Nanofolio features are highlighted by being inset in the screen – we are taking our audience behind the web page to view what is going on, at a microscopic, nanoscopic or molecular scale. In this instance we chose to go behind the web page through a view reminiscent of that through an optical microscope. This puts the action clearly in context.
To get the feel of an optical microscope we used some low contrast sketches of a cell and its internal structures, and overlaid these with a granular texture, created using Flash’s background tiling capabilities, to keep the file size small.
We retained the optical microscope view for following the activity of smart polymers, watching them change configuration with changing pH (clearly this is a conceit, but in context it is an effective means of visually indicating a degree of magnification). The chemical structure of the polymer, however, was a simple map, with appropriate portions lighting up when the visitor’s mouse tracks over them, along with the portion of the chemical name related to those portions.
There is a reduced scale image of the ‘cell under the microscope’ above right, along with the icon we developed for apoptin – the smart drug that is delivered by the smart polymer system.

Targeted drug release on the Nanofolio website