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Online Safety Audit

Developed with Health and Safety at the University of Sheffield, the online safety audit system provides a uniform evaluation procedure for safety across the University. The system is based on a large set of standard questionnaires targeted at different aspects of the management of health and safety issues within each constituent school and department within the University.

Editing a question in the audit questionnaire.

The online software allows auditors to create standard questionnaires concerning aspects of safety management, along with scores and guidance notes. The software is mobile compatible, permitting the auditor to report findings directly into the database. As the auditor works their scores are translated in real time into an overview of policy within the client department, that reports both good practice, and any failings, immediately to the lead auditor.

Problems encountered during the audit are highlighted.
Problems are highlighted in each question set.

Failings are automatically ranked by criticality, and indicate a timescale required for compliance. This ranges from ‘stop all activity immediately’, to resolve over the next 6 months. The lead auditor can, therefore, show the client exactly where any problems lie extremely quickly. In this way many issues can be resolved quickly and amicably.

The scores from all of the questionnaires are broght together in a live score-card.
A live score result; ‘incomplete’ indicates that the auditor has not finalised their work, committing it to the report.

The software goes further, providing a standard scoring and reporting system for the questionnaires plus templating for the balance of the report. This allows the audit team to set up an audit quickly, but also produce a final, published report with a minimum of fuss and inconvenience.

Access to the safety audit software is restricted to auditors within the University of Sheffield.