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TFI Network+

Screenshot from the TFI Network+ website.

The UK’s Engineering and Physical Science Research Council has provided £2M of funds to form the TFI Network+, which has the objective of connecting scientists and UK foundation industries (glass, concrete, ceramics, paper and chemicals) to remain competitive whilst simultaneously facing challenges from environmental legislation.

The website offers a membership section, within which members can find partners, and submit proposals for funding. Each proposal consists of two uploaded documents – the personal details of the applicants, and the annonimised application itself. Within the administration section proposals to each funding call can be viewed, and proposals can be scored to easily rank them prior to making funding decisions.

The membership section is based on our well established work for Society websites, while the proposal upload section is a custom development for this project. We also developed the Network logo and site design in consultation with the clients.

The home page features an interesting application of the CSS ‘stick’ class. Typically you might use this to keep the header row in a table in view, while the data scrolls underneath it (‘freeze cells’ in spreadsheet terminology). Here, however, we have used it to build a graphic depicting the overall activities of the TFI Network+, from a bullet point list of each of the main objectives. This proved an interesting styling problem to make this work in desktop and mobile views (and anything in-between).