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Viruses and viruses

Amongst the unwelcome side effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is an increase in phishing and hacking activity. Perhaps as a result of the reduced opportunities as a consequence of lock-down, smaller websites and companies are finding themeselves on the receiving end of quite carefully targetted phishing and hacking attacks.

To add to the problem, attacks are becoming lot more sophisticated; I was quite impressed by one effort asking me to login to my account at Gooql adwords, to re-activate my account.

Less dangerous, but no less annoying, is the upswing in unsolicited spam. Most of this is now also carefully profiled to match your potential personal interests or business requirements. It almost makes you nostalgic for an invitation to look after a few million dollars from a Liberian Prince…

(When is Elon going to get back to me with those bitcoins?)