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WordPress comments are closed!

Spam and chips We’re closing the comments section on, because of the volume of spam and phishing attempts we’re getting through it. As Google descends into the morass of social network link-counting, any half way decent blog is getting innundated with linked comments advertising this and that, without usually even a glance at the article to see if the comment is relevant…

Much of this stuff is filtered automatically by Akismet, but we realised last update that we were carrying over 2MB of trash comments in the database, rather outweighing the rest of the blog contents, images and all. It was simply taking too long to work through the comments to pick out the good stuff…

So, sorry to any genuine commenters, but if you really like what were doing, please let others know through the new Twitter link being rolled out on all of the project articles, or through a ping-back from your own blog. We’ll try to reciprocate any pingback that we can sensibly work into our output!

If you want to contactus for more information about anything we’re doing – you’ll find a new email link under each post as well.