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Icon design for Lochaline Dive Centre

Dive icon designs

Above – three from a set of twenty icons indicating types of dive site for Lochaline Dive Centre. The image shows the initial sketches, used to check concept art with the client, and the final icon. The final icons reflect the site colour scheme, and the the wreck dive icon is based closely upon the Dive Centre logo to reinforce brand image.

New dive site pages being prepared to extend the current single page description of sites in the Sound of Mull (linked below) – which will become the diving home page with map and links to all sites. The plan is that visitors will be able to click icons to visit all sites of that type, simplifying the job of planning a sequence of dives.

The client will be able to select the appropriate icons from the WordPress control panel, and add a map position for the dive site, making it very easy to add and update sites.

Diving the Sound of Mull / Lochaline Dive Centre