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SEM Calibration Standards

SEM Calibration Standards – is a new website for Eastern Analytical, a long established company developing software and standards for analytical electron microscopy. Their products have a broad range of applications including forensic work.

Screenshot of the Calibration Standards home page

Above: Screenshot of the Calibration Standards home page, shown at about 50% scale. The home page copy links directly to the four primary sales areas for the company.

SEM Calibration Standards icon in the form of an SEM stud Products available from include innovative sample holders and software, that can allow you relocate a trace of contamination – such as a gunshot residue – on a large sample quickly. Motorised stages that permit you to compare wear marks from two cartridge cases, to establish in a visually convincing manner that they were fired from the same weapon.
Above left: The icon design from the Calibration Standards website is in the form of an SEM stud.

Calibration Standards on a small screen We built the website in WordPress, which makes it as easy as possible for the site owner to add or edit product information and other details. The site uses a bespoke template which provides pages in ‘HTML5’, and uses the latest style sheet code (CSS3) elements to permit page resizing. This allows visitors to review the site on a large screen attached to a PC, or on the move on their smart-phone.
Right: A screenshot of the Calibration Standards website as it would appear on a small screen, with the menu tab displaying the menu.

The smart phone (small screen) design has a simple flip-out menu and shopping cart, to make site navigation as simple and intuitive as possible.

The WordPress template permits the addition of extended meta-content to pages, to assist with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).